Trevor + Jina's surprise Yarra Valley Wedding!

When Trevor and Jina booked me in for a surprise wedding I got slightly nervous. What if I accidentally slipped and gave away the surprise too all their family! Fortunately when I arrived at the picturesque Killara estate in the Yarra Valley, there were preparations for another wedding in the late afternoon- the perfect cover story for a photographer's presence. As the celebrant and I watched their family and friends arrive it became apparent that no one had twigged on as of yet!

The cover story was that it was simply a 'getting to know you' lunch prior to the 'engagement' party, since Jina's parents had just flown in from overseas.   It was a truly special moment when Trevor came out and told everyone what was happening that afternoon. The look on their faces was just priceless!

Thank you to Trevor and Jina for inviting me along to your very special surprise wedding ceremony.